Splits in the American ruling class, which the allegations against Harvey Weinstein has deepened an international Feminist radicalisation.  This contrary to what certain conservative capitalist layers who out to do the liberal capitalist establishment.  When the Weinstein crisis first broke out I saw fascist elements on Twitter trying to whip up anti-Semitism echoing Hitlerite ideas of attacking all Jews.  On Cross Talk (which is a discussion programme on Russia Today chaired by Peter Lavelle)  last week there was a discussion that the right wing were getting back at Weinstein in revenge for the liberals going after Trump anti-women comments in the run-up to the 2016 American Presidential election.  You could not find another example of dialectic of opposites of how a ruling class split has given confidence to tens of thousands of women in America and Britain to reveal how they have been sexually abused.


This Feminist radicalisation deepened around the Weinstein revelations could seriously undermine right wing populist and fascist forces.  These layers of women challenging sexual abuse particularly in the entertainment and lawyer firms could begin to seriously challenge capitalist rule.  On the Victoria Debryshire show on the BBC this morning there were e-mails flooding in how women are being sexually harassed in other workplaces.  Trade Unions should work with these women to fight sexism in order to be in a stronger position to fight the employers.


Whenever oppressed layers like women and non-white ethnicities rebel against racism, in alliance with elements of workers it undermines right wing populist and fascist reaction.  Right wing populist and fascist forces have to use other oppressed ethnicities and nationalities as scapegoats which make their oppression worse.  If fascism gains a mass base they may attempt to carry out genocide again.  This can only be stopped by mobilising millions of  workers and oppressed layers that we will not tolerate any move in that direction.  According to Newsnight in March 2017 in the run up to their general election Dutch fascist Geert Wilders is calling for all Mosques to be closed; the Koran being banned; and deporting all Muslims from the Netherlands.  Wilder’s Freedom Party came second in that election.  You have some Trump supporters on Twitter calling for nuclear weapons to be used against North Korea.


We are entering a period due to the worse capitalist crisis gigantic class battles between the forces of radicalisation and reaction.  The anti-Trump movement in combination with the Weinstein revelations build the movement against racism; xenophobia; and sexism.  There were millions of women who marched in most countries around the world during 2013 and 2014 against sexist attitudes that they are “sluts”.  I would support  Weinstein being prosecuted alongside other capitalists either liberal or conservative who carry out these crimes.  You would have to reconsider your tactics if it was only the right wing prosecuting the liberals because they could be laying the basis for major attacks on democratic rights and ultimately  a dictatorship.


Due to the capitalist leadership of the Catalonian independence movement fearing the working class will take it further to threaten their class rule are pulling back by not declaring independence.  The general strike organised two days after the referendum must have frightened the Catalan capitalists.  I saw this as beginning a dynamic of what Trotsky called towards beginning of a process called Permanent Revolution.   Trotsky developed the theory of Permanent Revolution from Marx’s analysis of the liberal capitalists did not unify Germany during 18-49.  They failed to do this even with them favourable balance of forces due to revolutionary upheavals.  Instead they capitulated to the Aristocratic Junkers.  Permanent revolution means the capitalist democratic tasks of establishing (genuine real self-determination) has to be combined with Socialist measures of overthrowing capitalism.  A proper revolutionary party in Catalonia would have took advantage of this post-Referendum upheaval to begin a process of incipient Socialist revolution.


The ruse of Melenchon within France is seriously undermining the fascist National Front. As I wrote in my document on what the first round of France’s Presidential election it did not stop Lepen reaching the 2nd round.  What I did not know until I researched it today that Melenchon was short of approximately 600,000 votes behind her. Melenchon received 7 million votes.  In the French legislative election during June 2017 Melenchon’s party France Unbowed got 7 million votes.  FN were 5 million (approximately received 2 million votes) behind France Unbowed.  France Unbowed is linking with the unions to organise against Macron’s changes to labour laws.  This could potentially cause the biggest revolutionary upheaval since 1968 and 1995.


If the People’s Party goes into coalition government with the fascist Freedom Party they are risking revolutionary upheavals.  The last time they did this 2000 there was the biggest demonstration in Austrian history.  School students and railway workers went on strike to protest fascists entering government..  That right wig coalition attempted massive austerity and privatisations.  In the 2002 Austrian legislative election the Freedom Party went from 26% (in the previous 1999 election) t0 10%, which meant they lost 800,000 votes.  I am opposed on principle for the Social Democratic party being in coalition with capitalist parties.  There is a layer of the Austrian ruling class who want to attack the working class.  This is why a layer of them are considering a coalition government with fascist elements.  Austrian Trotskyists should demand the Social Democrats break from the coalition with the People’s Party; fight austerity; and fight the rise of fascism.


The liberal capitalists are out to destroy the Tory right wing.  This is over them losing considerable profits by losing markets to their EU and other competiters by losing access to the single market.  They also are frightened the Tory stupid policies could deepen the radicalisation of millions of workers alongside layers of the middle class.  These splits in the American and British ruling class is leading to a hatred of the right wing.  The danger of reaction is when the ruling class closes ranks and due to the crisis of working class leadership the organised working class and oppressed suffer a series of defeats.  Due to the chaos of capitalism with the threat of fascism and nuclear war deepening their crisis there will be many opportunities to build mass revolutionary parties.


The main Imperialist ruling classes within America and Western Europe are attempting to rein the extreme populist and fascist right. These forces are emerging due to the rapid decay and degeneration of capitalism. An overwhelming majority of these ruling classes are frightened by the forces which their own system in decline are unleashing. They are worried that the whip of reaction could deepen processes of radicalisation, which are deepening against degenerate extreme right wing forces. Another concern of the Imperialist powers is that in particular the fascists carry out programs against Muslims could lead to Imperialism being even more considerably weakened in the semi-Colonies. There are least two billion Muslims. 1.5 billion of them are Sunnis. Now the American fascists carried the torchlights that the German Nazis carried during the 1930s, through the University of Virginia will really upset a layer of Jewish middle class who are beginning to radicalise by moving towards Marxism.

Obama contained the radicalisation which began against the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. This radicalisation deepened with the effect of the collapse of the Leman brothers beginning in September 2008. Depression tendencies in world capitalism deepened due to this collapse of Leman Brothers. This led the capitalists to attempt massive austerity within Western Europe. As in every capitalist crisis capital attempts to make millions of workers and sizable layers of the middle class pay for rapid falls in capitalist profits. The fight against austerity led to massive struggles within Greece and Ireland from 2009. In Britain there was an important student radicalisation which erupted against the tripling of University tuition fees from November to December 2010.

From December 2010 to February 2011 you had the revolutionary overthrow of the Ben Ali regime in Tunisia and President Mubarak of Egypt. Imperialism felt threatened they could lose the Middle East. This is why they organised the Saudi Arabian invasion of Bahrain during March 2011 to crush the revolutionary upheaval in that country. It became imperative for Imperialism to overthrow the last of the Arab Bourgeois Nationalist autonomous regimes such as Gaddafi within Libya and Assad in Syria who had some conflicts with Imperialism. Imperialism saw them more of a problem than the Islamic Fundamentalists because they feared the masses interpretation of Arab Nationalism could begin a process where they lost control and the workers could begin to start a dynamic of beginning incipient Socialist revolution. In Libya the Monarchists and Islamic Fundamentalists started working with Imperialism during February 2011, to lay the basis for the NATO military intervention which began in late March 2011.

A lot of the left could not tell a difference between revolution in Tunisia and Egypt and counter-revolution within Libya and maybe several weeks within Syria organised by Imperialism. The initial protests against Assad maybe might have been more of an initial beginning of a revolutionary upheaval. I need to do more research to see if this is correct They were soon hijacked by Islamic Fundamentalist forces. After the fall of Gaddafi the counter-revolutionary elements were strengthened in the movement against Assad. Obama managed to overthrow Gaddafi by winning a layer of the Russian bureaucracy to support what was supposed limited intervention around defence of Benghazi. Once American Imperialism started a blitz on Tripoli the Putin wing of Russia’s bureaucracy reacted strongly against them. They lost Libya due to Medevev’s betrayal.

Then Imperialism tried to force the Russian naval base out of Syria by attempting to overthrow Assad. Months after Obama was considering bombing Syria, Imperialism made a major effort to restore Capitalism within Ukraine. As part of this process they also attempted to drive the Russian workers’ state out of Ukraine. This provoked the Russian occupation of Crimea in February and March 2011 and Russian bombing of some ant-Assad forces within Syria from October 2015. Before Russia military intervened in Syria Imperialism tried to intervene under a pretext of fighting ISIS. They had the initial co-operation of the Russian bureaucracy. This was a betrayal of defending the semi-Colonies from Imperialism. By Imperialism getting more of a stranglehold in Syria tried to remove the Assad regime again. This was the final straw for the Russian bureaucracy which forced their military intervention from September 2015 onwards.

Alex Callincios made a fundamental mistake where he wrote in International Socialism during late 2014 or early 2015 that Imperialism did not want a major battle under Obama with Russia. Imperialism did everything short of war to attempt the weakening and overthrow of Russia as a workers’ state. Trump is carrying on with similar policies but provoking greater international tensions by attempting to go further. The right Centrists have supported forces working with Imperialism fighting the Gaddafi and Assad regimes. Additionally they have backed forces fighting ISIS alongside Imperialist military forces. It is a fundamental principle of Leninism-Trotskyism to oppose Imperialism and forces fighting with them military them in semi-colonies because they are the main force blocking their development by foreign Imperialist capital super-exploiting these economies. Trump would have never come to power if there had been a mass movement against Obama’s adventures in Libya; Syria; and Ukraine. The main ruling class would have gone behind a more left liberal than Obama to contain the radicalisation.

I want to now deal with what Trumpism represents. The American Socialist Workers Party (SWP) have had major concessions to Trump’s xenophobia, presenting it in a bizarre way as a mass radicalisation of the working class. In order to weaken the organised working class Trump had to appeal to millions of workers so he could become elected as President. As Trotsky argued how you come to power through anti-capitalist demagogy and what interest you rule in favour when you come to power are two different things. American Trotskyist George Brietman argued the American working class did not receive similar gains as in Western Europe due to racist attitudes dominating which allowed U.S. capitalists to divide and rule more effectively. When Barnes was a Trotskyist like Brietman he distinguished between the reactionary American Imperialist nationalism of xenophobia and racism and nationalism of the oppressed fighting capitalist oppression such as the Afro Americans and Chicanos. Barnes has been moving dramatically to the right since the Iraq war of 2003. This conciliatory line to Trumpism and beginning with the Tea Party in 2010 represents an ever further qualitative degeneration. If this process continues Barnes be too right wing to be part of the labour movement and become a Conservative Bourgeois element.

In one of the January or February 2017 issue of the American Miiitant (SWP Paper) they came out against the massive Feminist demonstration against Trump. As Trotsky would say about Trump is a right wing populist who represents a reactionary capitalist-Imperialist programme by using scapegoats to attack gains of workers and oppressed. He is doing this by being one of the most reactionary xenophobes; racists; Islamophobic; and Sexist by a capitalist politician in decades. This is causing a deepening radicalisation as the oppressed ethnic minorities such as Afro Americans and millions of American women will allow their gains since the 1960s eroded. In fact Trump is in conflict with these forces radicalising who want those gains extended.

By the SWP not supporting a major Feminist demonstration is a further break from their past when they were Trotskyist in the late 1960s or early 1970s. By supporting and orientating to Feminist struggles the pre-Barnes American SWP through applying the Transitional Method of having specific demands against women’s oppression which millions of workers and sizable middle class layers become involved in. Out of these struggles the SWP tried to link them up to the Afro American and Chicano struggles. The women’s liberation movement came out of the anti-war movement organised against the Vietnam war The SWP argued this was the application of Trotsky’s theory of Permanent Revolution to the American situation by fighting to win over white workers to fight for specific demands of Afro Americans for quotas. This strategy by the SWP was called the combined 3rd American Socialist revolution of the working class overthrowing capitalism in alliance with oppressed workers and middle class of Afro Americans; Women; Chicanos; and LGBT community. Barnes has been moving away from supporting Black Nationalism since the late 2000s when he attacked Brietman on Malcolm X.

Trump’s global reactionary American Imperialist programme is an aggressive programme to re-colonise the colonies; intimidate the workers’ states; and weaken the Imperialist EU rival through a trade war. These policies are potentially the most disastrous for American ruling class interests. This could precipitate a further decline in power and revenue. This could deepen the radicalisation process around the world. When the American SWP wrote their American Thesis for the 1946 American SWP convention they argued the objective basis for the American Socialist revolution was their ruling class’s losing its global hegemony.

I want to finish now with how Charlotteville massacre is linked with Trump’s threats to North Korea. It is a question of timing when to have united fronts around one or two demands or a broader multi-issue alliances. The first four Congresses of the Communist 3rd International (Comintern) and the American SWP during the 1960s and 1970s made a major contribution on these strategic and tactical debates. The anti-war movement against Imperialism provoking a nuclear war with North Korea should work with the anti-racist movement against Trump and fascism. If those fighting against fascism cannot agree to anti-war demands there should be autonomy between the two campaigns. An overwhelming majority of these two campaigns would agree with both demands. They should co-operate. It is only with the immediate threat of nuclear war or fascism becoming a major threat that becomes the central issues which Trotskyists organise around maximum unity of the united front. As I said before there could be millions mobilised in Britain and America against Trump; austerity; racism; fascism; and danger of nuclear war. If Barnes does not distance himself from Trump after the Charlottesville massacre he could lose the leadership of the SWP.

Pat Brain (My Father) who died on January 25th 2017 met and was educated by some of the most outstanding Trotskyist cadres of the pre-Barnes American SWP. Today when I was preparing to write today’s document on the cold war escalating with Russia I was thinking what Pat told me over the decades. A few years before he died I would recall his profound Trotskyist statements. He drew a paraell with how outstanding Canadian Trotskyist Ross Dowson who spent years training him in Trotskyism. Since Pat’s death the penny has dropped that his ideas may have revealed what the American SWP in alliance with Canadian and British co-thinkers were really thinking.

Pat taught me to read at 3. One feature of my Aspergers’ Syndrome was that I started reading adult books between 6 and 8 years of age. I read Tony Thomas’s book on Angola; the Oxford history of Britain; rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich; and Ernest Nandel’s Marxist economic Theory. It was reading the Oxford history of Britain that I first learnt who Karl Marx was. Before I had not ever came into contact with Marx. It was at Handsorh Wood Boys School in the library when I was 11 I fist found out that Plekhanov was a founder of Russian Marxism. Mr Hanney the head teacher saw me and Pat campaigning for the Anti-Apartheid Movement on the Soho Road during the Autumn of 1988. When I felt physically sick one morning around the same period of the autumn of 1988 he gave me two adult books on the difference between neurosis and psychoses. This school closed in 1995. It should not be demolished because of its potential historical significance as producing one of the top intellectuals in this country. If I hit it big these teachers could be famous.

Due to being active in Socialist politics for 30 years with my Dad and Mum we have known many famous and significant historically people. Tanya Mann when she was a student at Wolverhampton University who wrote her memoirs of her orphanage experiences, offered, in 2009 for me to find a publisher for my memoirs. The title of thus book could be a top Trotskyist with Aspergers Syndrome. Pat like me could read changing political moods and had many similar analysis. Where we disagreed either I or Pat changed our minds and eventually converged. Me and Pat were trained in the same method of politics. My Asperger’s Syndrome effected me 3 ways. Reading body language when people were not interested or hostile to what I was talking about, I did not grasp. I sometimes got the wrong end of the stick in reading or what was said verbally. On both grounds I have considerably improved. One of my strengths is that I can analyse very complex situations.

The final aspect of my Asperger’s Syndrome is that I have trouble touching woman. This is a factor among many why I have not had a girlfriend. Two other factors of why I have not had a girlfriend upto now are that Trotskyism has been abandoned by 90% of the movement. It is not been possible to have a relationship with a working or middle class woman upto now because they have not been interested in my sort of politics. This can change with the mass radicalization and potential of thousands moving towards Trotskyism. Pat argued you had to have a dialectical view of relationships. I was close to some woman politically; intellectually; and emotionally to a woman I knew for 12 months. Pat told me there are certain middle class woman it is impossible to have a relationship with. He quoted Dowson that in certain situations people marry their same class. I had to break with her because she supported revisionist currents that Trotskyist ideas had no longer relevance and dumped Leninism. I have not seen her for 21 years. When I was suffering nervous breakdowns you have to be more dialectical that the only relationship that may last is a middle class woman Trotskyist. In Dowson’s opinion you should have a relationship with somebody who takes you further in your potential. Pat was very lucky to meet my Mum (Marian) during 1975. He would have not have survived the crisis of international Trotskyism after Barnes dumped Permanent Revolution.

One of my great successes was going to Handsworth College from 2000 to 2003 and University of Wolverhampton from 2004 to January 2011. Due to overcoming some of my Psychoses; bi-polar diuiorde; and Asperger’s Syndrome I did some good grades. If there are other opportunities at College; University; or writing plays I take them in helping in my rehabilitation from these disorders. I could not work now due to the stress of people trying to fire me. I can deal with my Psychoses at College or University because dealing with ideas keeps these relapse under control.

I was discussing with Pat before he died how Trump and the neo-Cons could play into our hands of building a mass movement that could begin to really threaten Capitalism. Pat told me for 25 years that the British ruling class fears the most are mass movements with their evolutionary potential. He told me when Piers Morgan was fired as editor of the Mirror was payback time for organising that 2 million march on February 15th 2003 against war on Iraq. Another thing I mentioned to him 4 weeks before his death how there are thousands of working and middle class woman organising for Momentum. He always saw the potential of Feminism in organising the labour and Socialist movement.

Pat argued that nuclear suicide was avoided by the Russian workers’ state being equally armed and the Imperialists did not want to die. This made the majority of the Imperialist bourgeoise see sense, which forced them to rein the hotheads in. There were many times I remember Pat saying to me if fascism threatened the Jewish middle class with genocide a layer could come towards Trotskyism. Despite some of their instability even a small layer could play a decisive role in forging a Trotskyist cadre which could lead the masses in overthrowing capitalism. Did he get this line from the pre-Barnes American SWP. Reading the internal documents of the American SWP suggest this!

American Imperialism to keep its global dominance are going after the workers’ states; semi-Colonies; and other Imperialist blocks such as the EU The sanctions resolutions passed by both houses in America last week is very dangerous. It has caused m massive reaction by Russia as the key nationalised industries are targeted and the state apparatus which defend these nationalised industries/sectors of economy from capitalist takeover.

This sanction move against Russia is a major concession to the neo-Cons. American Imperialism is testing the reaction of the Russian bureaucracy. As I argued three to four months ago on Facebook and Twitter the Trump administration would have tendencies towards greater adventurism than the George W Bush administration because we are in a period of the worse capitalist crisis. This has the potential of having a bigger mass movement to prevent nuclear suicide of World War 3. The first move by the Russian bureaucracy yesterday is to expel nearly 700 American Imperialist personal from Russia. There are now diplomatic tensions between Russia and Poland. Russia has threatened to impose sanctions on Poland if they dismantle statues to Soviet Union soldiers fighting in World War 2.

There was a major move to the right in the anti-war movement and it reflected itself by the Centrist groups going right Centrist in their attitude to Imperialist interventions within Libya; Syria; and Ukraine. This has played into the neo-Con’s hands. By the neo-Cons going too far with the potential threat of World War 3 being so obvious there is going to be a major left shift. The fight against Imperialist drive to World War 3 could deepen the radicalization among hundreds of millions workers and middle class layers within Imperialist countries. Coming out of these mass mobilizations could begin to seriously threaten capitalist rule. If this begins to happens millions of workers can develop an anti-capitalist consciousness concretely demanding the end of austerity; and to end all Imperialist wars by millions of workers preventing this.

If the Centrist groups do not move to the left to this deepening radicalization and change towards higher anti-Imperialist consciousness will not last very long in the mass movement. The next bit is going to be very sharp polemical because the lessons of why the neo-Cons under Trump are in a position to threaten the world with the anti-war movement considerably weaker than Bush. In my opinion this because Obama’s adventures were not effectively challenged by the anti-war movement due to the left not seeing the role of Imperialism in counter-revolutions in attempts to re-colonise Libya and Syria; and serious moves to attempt capitalist restoration within Ukraine. Lenin’s famous slogan is always to give those on the left room to retreat of they move in the correct direction and break from a wrong course.

Trotskyists should take advantage of the neo-Con’s mistakes to overthrow capitalism at the first chance. One key idea Trotskyists need to win the anti-war movement is not to support Imperialist interventions led by the liberal Bourgeoisie. In order to deal with the methodological mistakes on the left who support pro-imperialist forces in the workers’ states and semi-Colonies. I am starting to read the dispute on the class nature of the Soviet Union in the internal documents of the American SWP between 1930 and 1940 by supporters of Trotsky defending thee workers’ state expanding to other countries and those who called themselves 3rd Campers who opposed this. Most of this Shactmanite minority who called themselves 3rd Campers dumped defend defence of the workers’ states. Due to this on most occasions they did not support the workers’ states in their military struggle with Imperialism and other capitalist states. One of the contradictions of all the 3rd campers is the logic there is nothing to defend in the workers’ states due either due to the extreme brutality of Stalinism or Capitalist inroads. In practice at times when the workers’ states are threatened by attempts at capitalist restoration or the workers’ states become stronger and capitalist elements are defeated some of the gains within the workers’ states become obvious. If they do not defend the workers’ states when there are serious threats of capitalist restoration they isolate themselves from those radicalizing.

One example of this complex dialectic is what Imperialism and capitalist elements were pressuring the Yeltsin wing of the Stalinist bureaucracy to carry out mass privatisations and firing of millions of workers. This they did not get away with due to some Stalinist bureaucrats did not want to be unemployed by losing their power. Gaider the first prime minister under Yeltsin in 1992 tried these policies. He got way with rising prices of hundreds in percentage terms. Due to many Stalinist bureaucrats losing out in Gaider’s mass privatisation proposals he either resigned or was fired within weeks or months. Chemerydroin from the state-owned energy sector, soon replaced keeping capitalist restoration at bay from this section of bureaucrats. There was some resistance by workers to capitalist inroads and bureaucratic pillage. Due to the stalemate within the bureaucracy; the Stalinists holding the anti-Yeltsin fight due to threat of that fight could deepen processes towards incipient political revolution; and fear any further unrest more unrest will strengthen capitalist forces to the right of the Yeltsin wing of the bureaucracy.

Orwell when he wrote Animal Farm echoed Trotsky’s analysis that the working class fear overthrowing Stalinism because they do not want capitalism restored. What attitude should have Russian Trotskyists had to this inter-Stalinist battle over extent of capitalist inroads during the Yeltsin period? How do Russian Trotskyists defend the workers’ state and advance our programme of political revolution? Within the framework of defending Russia as a workers’ state independent of all Stalinist factions, what strategies and tactics for Russian Trotskyists to advance and lead the political revolution? IN conjuncture with the Transitional Method Russian Trotskyists would have supported the mass unrest against privatisation and big cutbacks to public services. We would support all struggles to expropriated Russian capitalists and to fight for what remains of Stalinism due to their social inequality caused by their bureaucratic rule. Trotskyists would have pose demands on the Stalinists fighting capitalist restoration in order to widen the schism. Another purpose of this united front tactic within the programme and strategy of defending workers’ state is to expose over time the limitations of Stalinism over time in defending their prilvigies. When millions of workers in struggle against capitalist restoration it is easier to win them to the perspective of political revolution. If Russian Trotskyists cannot carry out political revolution, especially if capitalists threaten the workers’ states the struggle against Stalinism is subordinate to defence of the workers’ states. This is what Trotskyists mean by unconditional defence of the workers’ states.

The main methodological mistake of those who argue Russia and Eastern Europe are not workers’ states is that they confuse norm with its realities being ruled by Stalinism except for early years of Russian revolution and Cuba. Trotsky and American Trotskyists such as Joseph Hansen and Jim Cannon argued most revolutionaries know the varieties of unions. It has been in less developed countries where socialist revolutions have occurred. The only time a workers’ state had any inroads within Imperialist countries was when the Soviet Red Army occupied parts of Germany and Austria. In East Germany the workers’ state had to be freshly industrialised because before the Red Army invaded, Eastern Germany was backward due to the dominance of Junker Aristocratic landlords. Capitalism was salvaged in Austria by the Red Army withdrawing troops in 1955. Trotsky argued in his polemics to liberals and Anarchists such as Simone Weil in a 1933 work entitled “Class nature of the Soviet State” that you have gangsters from the Mafia; Clergy; and fascists under capitalism. You have gangsters under Stalinism under the workers’ states. This argument of Stalinist and Capitalist gangsters being the same is not a new argument. Trotsky argued against this aforementioned 1933 work. In a 1937 work by Trotsky “not a Bourgeois and not a workers’ state” in arguing against revisionists James Burnham and Joseph Carter that the Soviet Union was neither a workers’ state or capitalist, that you cannot confuse social content of workers’ state whose Stalinist rule distorts norms of workers’ states. Trotsky argued in the beginning of the internal dispute with the Shactmanite wing of the SWP that except for threats of capitalist restoration, Trotskyists resolve the norm and reality of workers’ states by the revolutionary overthrow of Stalinism through political revolution.

Trotskyists both defend the Russian and Chinese workers’ states against any force aligned with Imperialism against them. We are in favour of them making blows however hesitant against world capitalism. In line with Trotsky and pre-4th International (International Communist League – ICL) 1934 resolution called “War and the 4th International” we do not support the bureaucracies making opportunist alliance blocks with Imperialist powers such as the EU. There is talk of a full trade war between the EU; Russia; and America. If this happens British Capitalism could be squssed even more. This could deepen the radicalization and revolutionary processes among the masses!

The major methodological mistake of Susan Rothenal in the bi-monthly magazine of the British Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in its July-August 2015 issue is that she revises Marxism when she denies the unified integrated whole of all the sciences when she argues Psychologists and Marxism are incompatible. This ultra-left view of Rsenthal is contradicted in the same article when she argues many psychologists support the struggles of workers and oppressed.

It is only through the emergence of humanity as an animal specsis is that nature is there any hope of aspects of nature being brought under control. Philosophy as a subject came out the birth of class societies. The big dispute is between Idealists and Materialists. Materialists which its highest expression is Marxism recognise that the universe including Earth is the source of all life. A lot of Scientists argue plants do not have brain organs. They argue animals developed brains in order to make decisions whether to hunt or hide. It is the brain cells which run the bodies of all animals. Humanity is qualitatively different in that through our collective ability to labour can change nature. Marxists argue that it is not God or what the brain thinks it is. We argue it is what the natural realities in the universe; earth; and human societies that has to be scientifically understood. This is why we fundamentally disagree with the Existentialist Idealist Philosophy that you can transcend social reality by imagining it does not exist. Anarchist ideas are similar with them arguing you can ignore the capitalist state in actual class battles.

Lenin argued in Empiricism and Emprcio criticism that the human brain was the most important evolutionary development. American Scientist Carl Sagan said we do not know until we explore the universe whether there is a superior specsis to humanity. Scientists do not know whether the Universe developed accidentally evolved or evolved out of something else. Trotsky’s law of Uneven and Combined Development applies because matter and anti-mater are not equal in quantity within the Universe. If matter and ant-matter were equally distributed the universe would be destroyed due to them colliding with each other.

The rest of this document is going to argue how humans respond to threats of major natural disasters. It will look at the role of individual and mass emotions. Mass emotions are developing explosively internationally and in Britain due to the worse crisis of Capitalism. When individual humans are mentally ill you have to work out what’s causing it. Rosenthal is totally reductionist and workerist in her approach because she tends to argue it is only worker who are mentally ill. There are middle class and even ruling class class elements can be mentally ill at tines.

Humans like other animals are easily panicked when there are sudden natural catastrophes. They sometimes run in what they call the fight or run mechanism. A lot of humans can die in sudden disasters by running towards each other. This leads sometimes to stampedes. There are some people for their mental equalibrum could not contemplate things like asteroids destroying a lot of human life. There could be three reactions. They could ignore the threat hoping it goes away.

psychologists argue the defence mechanism prevents people from being very upset making them ill. This is rationalised they can not do anything about to change the situation for improvement. It is the capitalists and Stalinist bureaucrats within the workers’ states who would play major roles in fighting such castraphoies such as asteroids and nuclear meltdowns in nuclear plants. They would have to play a leading role because a lot of them would be potentially effected by a lot of them facing death as individual humans. When Chernoval nuclear pant exploded during 1986 the plant Management lied to Gorbachev about the potential fallout. According to the BBC2 history documentary programme Timewatch if the fire was not put out properly half of Europe could have been obliterated. Unless they can stop natural disasters the capitalists or Stalinist bureaucratic castes will keep it to themselves because they do not want to cause mass panic.

The main mystique the British ruling class try to instill into the masses is that they are powerless to change anything. At the same time millions of workers alongside the middle class are having to fightback in order to survive. This process of radicalisation is the mass base for the Corybn phenomena within the Labour Party. A layer of the British ruling class may want Corbyn to be Prime Minister soon, so that the May government is not brought down by millions of workers through revolutionary methods.

Additional factors which could strengthen this wing of the ruling class in engineering Corbyn to be Prioe Minister are that the mass radicalisation deepening in France. Melchanon’s party has 17 MPs. He boycotted Macron’s joint session of congress at Versailles. Instead he spoke at the working class districts of eastern Paris calling for defeating the anti-union labour laws in and out of Parliament. Due to the weakening of Islamic Fundamentalism in Pakistan Trotskyists have enormous potential to make huge gains. In Pakistani Kashmir alone there are thousands claiming alliance to Trotskyism. The mass demonstrations against Marshall Khan’s lynching by Fundamentalists could deepen the opportunities.

In Britain individals in every class are effected by a degenerating society. If capitalism is not overthrown in its Imperialist heartlands fascist genocide and nuclear war will not stopped forever. The British ruling class are depressed because they could be overthrown or worried about the extreme right leading to nuclear suicide if the tide of xenophobia and racism coming to the surface due to deep degeneration within capitalism. Marx argued in Civil war in France that the capitalist class has a lifestyle similar to lumoen proletarians in both being decadent. One key factor in the radicalisation of millions of workers and sizeable middle class is that they will not put up with being pauperised further into destitution. Trotsky argued in the late 1910s or early 1920s that Tsarism and capitalism would not have been overthrown in Russia without masses wanting major changes for the better.

Psychoanalysis has helped me to feel better and forget things that upset me. In my latest crisis from mid-October 2016 to early Christmas I could haver lost good friends on facebook. This did not happen because they knew I was going through a major traumatic crisis. Wrongly I thought years ago certain women were trying to seduce me. Now I know this was not true has eased the stress. I would have never had a girlfriend with my friends on Facebook or University students because of major political differences. When I was at the university of Wolverhampton I made friends in 2005; 2006; and 2010. I hope to find a top Trotskyist woman cadre who be my girlfriend and long-time companion.

I do not know whether Harry Styles is being sarcastic about arguing with ex-bandplayer Luan in One Direction about Trotsky for 14 hours over whether he should be assassinated. There are rumnors on Twitter that Styles is moving towards Trotskyism. On his first solo song entitled “sign of the times” he had 70 million people downloaded it on Facebook. Styles has a mass following among the youth. This could get a whole layer of working and middle class youth interested in Trotsky.

Leninism-Trotskyism is re-emerging because as Lenin argued in the Encloypedia Brittanica during 1913 that Capitalist private property is obsolete. Lenin argued the genius of Marx and Engel’s Scientific Socialism that is was ownership of property and not moral sentiments which lays the basis for Socialist revolutions. Capitalist property relations are absolute because they act as a fetter to economic growth. Capitalism can only have new booms as Marx and Engels argued in the Communist Manifesto by destroying productive forces through wars. As I argued in a previous document world Capitalism is only surviving by trading with China. Since 1950 China is a workers’ state because capitalism was overthrown by a Stalinist-led Socialist revolution. Chinese Stalinism was forced to make a Socialist revolution because capitalism would not compromise with them. After Japanese Imperialism left China in 1945 Chinese capitalism was in such decay it could not fund the army to defeat the Stalinist-led People’s Liberation Army (PLA). American diplomat and ex-General George Marshall wanted to make a deal with Mao so they could be crushed later once the Kumontang army was re-built. American Imperialism was playing for time. China shows the superiority of central planning over Capitalist anarchy.

Right wing populists and fascist elements are threatening mass murder and destroying human life. This is frightening the main Imperialist Bourgeoisies within America and Western Europe who do not want be destroyed at this stages who do not want to be destroyed through nuclear suicide or overthrown through the trimiph of world Socialist revolution. American Imperialism could be on the brink of losing the Middle East if a major regional war flares up between Qatar and the allies of Saudi Arabia. As I said in previous documents out of the rapid degeneration of Capitalism all the worse aspects of racism; sexism; xenophobia and Islamoophobia is coming to the surface. If there are not successful Socialist revolutions within the Imperialist countries in the next period genocide could begin.

There are indicative signs that Leninism-Trotskyism IS re-emerging. Tariq Ali has written a book on Lenin. I have started to read it. This could be the best book he ever wrote. Nitasha Kaul has written a novel warning elements of the Hindu Fundamentalist Indian Ruling Class they could be overthrown by another Trotsky type figure. I was reading 3 days ago by a right wing social democrat that due to the fear of nuclear suicide the Trump administration are risking a lot of American students and intellectuals are becoming Socialist. This author said Trotskyism is growing among these layers. Another interesting things he said Trotskyism attracts the most intelligent. This statement shows future possibilities for Trotskyism. Those most intelligent are attracted to Trotskyism because it understands social contradictions and how to overthrow class society.

We are in the opening stages of the biggest radicalization in Britain since the 1920s and the early 19th Century. World capitalism is on its last legs. American Imperialism the last bedrock of capitalism is an advanced stage of decay. In order to understand the mass radicalization represented by the rise of Corbyn among millions of workers and sizeable middle class layers you have to situate it in the worse capitalist crisis of global capitalism. The left shift is emerging including its revolutionary wing due to Imperialism failing to restore Capitalism within the workers’ sates and re-colonising the semi-Colonies. It is due to these blows that the Imperialist capitalist classes are trying to make the working and sizable layers of the middle class pay for declining profit rates by imposing austerity.

It is an important victory that Russia is salvaging itself since 2000 as a workers’ state. A lot of the ex-Trotskyists in the worse crisis of Russian; Central Asian; Ukraine; Baltic; and Eastern European workers’ states gave up their defence against capitalist restoration when it is needed most in history. Trotsky and the Trotskyists as American Trotskyist Jim Cannon said in 1939 that if there is any threat of capitalist restoration to any workers’ state we would defend it until it is totally destroyed. A few weeks ago I was glancing at the Spartacus League’s 3rd camp turn in 1992. They made the correct point that Stalinism undermines the gains of workers’ states through its parasitism and its opportunist methods. This does not mean that capitalism was restored after 1991. They confused bureaucratic pillage and capitalist inroads with full-blown capitalist restoration. In their attack of the Ernest Mandel wing of the Fourth International (which I was part of) during the mid-1990s, the Spartacus League showed their move to the right when they argued it is reformist to defend the last gains of October 1917 Socialist revolution represented by the nationalised industries/sectors of industries and services within Russia.

After Putin consolidated the rule of Stalinism certain capitalists were expropriated; nationalised industries and public services gaining more government expenditure; and pensions increased. One of Trotsky’s big arguments for defending the workers’ states that even with extreme bureaucratic pillage, the workers’ states can bounce back. If capitalism is restored a lot of these economies would be destroyed due to them being unprofitable. Wages would be slashed and a lot of benefits such as unemployment and pensions benefits would be severely slashed. The fact that the Chinese Stalinist caste determines whether world capitalism survives is another surprising dialectical abrupt turns of history. It is another example of Law and Uneven and Combined Development in international relations. Lenin and Trotsky never under-estimated before the rise of Stalinism the Soviet Union as a workers’ state could show the superiority of a planned economy if they were able to trade on an equal basis with world capitalism. Trotsky never thought world capitalism would allow them to do this. There was a change in policy of Imperialism with the rise of Stalinism within the Soviet Union. Trotsky analysed that Imperialism welcomed the working class losing its political power. That was not good enough for them.

Imperialism wanted the restoration of capitalism. They could not pull this off because Stalinism as a caste could only expand their privileges by maintaining the socialization of the means of production, including nationalised industries which came out of the October 1917 Socialist revolution. Due to Soviet Stalinism ruling an improvised class, Trotsky argued in the Revolution Betrayed had the most autonomy of a caste from an existing ruling class, which was the Soviet working class. In order to contain a semi-revolutionary upheaval in France and America they needed the Soviet Bureaucracy which had decisive influence with the Stalinist French and American Communist parties to stop mass radicalization turning into full-fledge Socialist revolutions. There was a limited trade between American Imperialism and the Soviet Workers’ state during the 1930s. American engineers helped construct the huge industrial projects such as brand new factories and blast furnaces. This was in a period when world capitalism went through its worse crisis. The crisis from 2008 is even bigger than that depression. Trotsky argued at the beginning of his book the Revolution Betrayed that these huge projects showed the superiority of central planning over the chaos of Capitalist anarchy. It is the boom and slump cycles which leads to periodic crisis of overproduction and falling rates of profit within capitalism.

I have to look more into the details of the Belt Road initiative by the Chinese workers’ state. I am doing some research for a document which deals with this project in considerable detail, and has all the economic date to prove China is still a workers’ state. It is the biggest engineering project in history. By spending 900 Billion Dollars or Yuan it is 11 times bigger than the Marshall Plan conducted by American imperialism to reconstruct western Europe in the late 1940s. This project aims to link Asia with Africa; Balkans and Europe. They are building railways and ports. This project has a triple character. It shows the superiority of central planning. By the Chinese workers’ state linking up with the Russian workers’ state they are working together to weaken the extreme capitalist pressures on the Eastern European workers’ states. Another positive feature of this project is that are lifting Pakistan and Africa from the constraints of backwardness that Imperialism imposes on then. Imperialist dominance of these semi-colonies can only be ended by the Bourgeois Nationalists being overthrown as part of the Permanent socialist revolution. Negatively world capitalism is surviving through this trade, and gives a new lease od life for the Bourgeois nationalist within the semi-colonies.

The majority of British workers were revolutionary in the early part of the 19th Century due to them being super-exploited. They lived in very cramped conditions; had sewage causing cholera; and they had to work 18 hour days in factory sweatshops. Due to similar conditions in the colonies millions of workers supported the struggle against the Slave Trade. Even in this period there had been an Aristocracy of labour around the Docks who were pro-Imperialist and racist. Trotsky argued that Chartism as a revolutionary mass movement used every tactic. This was only surpassed he argued by the rise of the Russian revolutionary workers movement of early 20th Century.

In the rest of this document I want to compare the radicalization today with 1945 and 1997 general elections. In 1945 the Labour Party received 47.7% of the vote and 393 seats through first past the post system. Millions of workers and sizable middle class layers radicalized about the hardships during the 1930s depression and World War 2. In order to incorporate the working class for the Imperialist war effort they had to strengthen elements of the welfare state during world war 2. The Red Army marched to Berlin. This on top of a mass radicalization within Western Europe and America strengthened the radicalization. There were mass strikes in America during this period. Due to anti-war feeling British Imperialism had to accept the independence for India and Pakistan. Key reforms which British capitalism was forced to accept due to fearing revolutionary unrest was the NHS being established; welfare state payments; coal mines and railways being nationalised.

It is important for Trotskyists to learn the lessons of how a radicalization represented by the Labour Party’s landslide in 1997 was missed. In the 1997 General Election the Labour Party received 43.2% of the vote and through the electoral system gained 418 seats. There were mass anger of the underfunding of the NHS and education by the John Major Tory government. A layer of the middle class were pauperised by the Pound crashing out with other currencies in the Exchange Rate Mechanism. They had to pay 15% interest on their mortgages. There was mass opposition to the privatisation of the railways.

Due to a failure to build a left-wing within the Labour Party against New Labour a lot of the left went ultra-left dismissing it as a Bourgeois party. If large layers of the left had not gone on this ultra-left course they could have destroyed New Labour years ago by having a united front with Social Democrats in their internal battles within the Labour Party. They could have stopped the introduction of fees for university students. Another move they could have disability benefits cuts being stopped. Finally they could have halted the privatisation of schools and hospitals through academies and PFI. The Iraq War weakened the Labour Party. Due to the failure to build creditable left alternative to New Labour within the Labour Party played into the Tories and Lib Dems hands of forming a coalition government to enforce austerity. Ed Miliband’s weak response to these attacks played into the Tories hands to gain a majority of 12 at the 2015 General Election.

It is hard to predict the outcome of this general election. It could be close between Labour and Tory. There could be a number of surprises in the results. There is great potential for a Labour Party landslide bigger than 1945 and 1997. The mass meetings and rallies for Corbyn indicates the potential. By calling for a number of industries being nationalised; tuition fees to be scrapped; an increase in the living wage to ten pound; and rights at work from day 1 of employment could attract millions of workers and middle class elements to vote Labour. The last time a government got a 50% of the vote was in 1931. That was w coalition government. Two reasons it is important to fight for a majority Labour government are that it is key the Tories are kicked out. Another reason it weakens the main ruling class’s attempt to form a pro-EU coalition government.