Feminists have to understand that the main enemy to their liberation is the Imperialist Bourgeoisies.  It is the worst possible type of mistake for Feminists to support the main source of women’s oppression in the world which is Imperialism and who are primarily responsible in making lives for working and middle class women worse within the Imperialist countries and third world to support prosecuting Assange for exposing Imperialism’s barbaric crimes.


Trotsky argued in the last major Capitalist crisis during the 1930s that Capitalism will unleash the worse barbarism mainly by making every oppression (anti-Semitism; Racism; Homophobia: and Sexism) worse.  The main task is stopping a nuclear war by stopping Imperialism attacking the semi-Colonies and workers’ states.  Despite Assange’s Liberalism he has exposed Imperialism’s crimes and by having the courage to defend his and Wikileak’s democratic rights is deepening the growing radicalization within America and other Imperialist countries.


Trotskyism has a rich tradition of why you do not support the Capitalist state intervening in Unions, and opposing Imperialism putting on trial those Stalinists leading the workers’ states and from semi-Colonial Bourgeoisies who are in conflict with Imperialism.  In the Unions Trotskyists call for rank-and-file workers to oust the Bureaucrats!  We call for the workers or from oppressed nationalities within the degenerate/degenerated workers’ states to try the Stalinists for their crimes as part of a strategy of Political Revolution.  As part of carrying out Permanent Revolution we would support workers or oppressed nationalities putting on trial the various reactionary semi-Feudal and Bourgeois elements.


My tradition is rooted in Canadian and British Trotskyists who support the American SWP before Barnes dumped Trotskyism between 1979 and 1983.  On November 15th this year I have known Canadian and British Trotskyists for 25 years who were part of this tradition.  Except for a very small number they all degenerated mostly under the Barnes anti-Trotskyist turn!


It was the Canadian Trotskyists who developed the Leninist-Trotskyist strategy towards the Feminist social movements during the late 1950s and early 1960s before the American SWP developed their strategy on how the fight for women’s liberation is tied up to the Socialist revolution.  The Canadian Trotskyists known as the Socialist Educational League – SEL (known up to 1961 before it renamed itself as the League for Socialist Action) recruited some of the founders of 2nd wave Feminism in Canada and Britain.  Toni Gorton was one of these among others.  Gorton played a very good role in the Trotskyist and Feminist movements both within Canada and Britain until she collapsed into Barnes’s revisionism during the early 1980s.


The American SWP developed from 1969 onwards a strategy of the link to the struggles to end women’s oppression is tied up a working class-led Socialist revolution.  They called this strategy the 3rd American Socialist revolution as a combined revolution.  It was an extension of the analysis made by Trotsky calling an orientation to American Black Nationalism as an application of Permanent Revolution.  The key idea of this strategy is a dual approach of arguing the working class movement to fight against oppressions such as Racism; Sexism; and Homophobia by fighting demands which deal with their oppression such as for example quotas and positive action in employment and housing; and at the same time we fight for these social movements to link up with the working class as their best fighters.  I read Trotsky on Black Nationalism when I was 12 and circulated it to students at my secondary school.  The American SWP strategy on Feminism as part of the combined revolution was published in a book called “Feminism and Socialism”, published in 1972.  I read that book when I was 13 and circulated it among students and teachers in all-boy school.


The Liberal Bourgeois Feminists such as for example Joan Smith an columnist for British paper Independent who was on a BBC debate on Newsnight tonight tried to hide the real reasons the American; British; Australian and Swedish Imperialist Bourgeoisies are persecuting Assange.  It is the worse form of demagogy and hypocrisy for Smith to use the genuine issue of women’s oppression such as rape so she backs her own Imperialist ruling class real reason which is Assange exposing Imperialism torturing and murdering tens of thousands of people around the world.  As I said above it is the Imperialist ruling classes who are making Sexism worse.  They use any weakness to do an opponent.  Assange maybe a Womanizer which means he may have been set up due to lack of judgement who he was dealing with.


It is good that most left Feminist activists have defended Assange.  Unfortunately there have been anti-women comments defending rape. These sorts of extreme Sexist comments have to be strongly challenged and driven out of the workers movement.  Socialist and Marxist Feminists should always remember Ruling Class (Aristocratic and Bourgeois) will put forward their class interests above their interests as an oppressed gender.


These ruling class women are being deviously used to undermine leading figures such as Assange fighting against the excesses of Imperialism.  There are two dangers in how the Ruling Class Feminists are using the Assange case.  If their demagogic use of Feminism is not challenged it could play into the Sexist hands.  Another danger if the Imperialist ruling classes succeed in doing Assange it could strengthen the neo-Cons, with one leading Republican politician in America who probably support doing Assange, today defended rape and attacked abortion rights for rape victims.


I have a lot of respect for Christina Purcell and Polly Tickle.  On most questions I agree with Purcell on tactics towards Melenchon; and fight against Sexism.  I do not know what her views on the workers’ states are.  Tickle on Twitter called Marx a genius. She also supports Feminist and anti-racist struggles.  I do not know Tickle’s other politics and what she thinks of Lenin and Trotsky.   Initially Purcell and Tickle opposed Assange being sent to Sweden.  In response to extreme Sexist comments defending rape Purcell and Tickle began to bend to pressures supporting the extradition of Assange to Sweden.  What Purcell and Tickle should remember is that the ruling class women are cynically using women’s oppression to carry out their class interests.  The only way to stop women’s oppression getting worse is through the Socialist revolution.  I assume Purcell would agree with me on this.  This will mean destroying certainly the majority of ruling class women.


The role of Trotskyists is to unite the oppressed and working class together as part of the combined revolution so Capitalism can be overthrown within the Imperialist countries.  It is only Leninists-Trotskyists who have the programme; strategy; and tactics to bring this about.  There are single issue campaigns or social movements organizing more generally on their specific oppression such as against Sexism; Homophobia; and Racism.  The workers are organizing through the unions against the savage attacks of Capital.  The TUC demonstration on October 20th could deepen the struggles of millions of workers and the social movements.


In most cases Trotskyists support prosecutions for rape.  We do not trust the Bourgeois state but the social movements or the working class movement are not strong enough to imprison rapists.  By posing Transitional demands on the Bourgeois state we take the working and middle class in general and those oppressed within these classes through an experience with Capitalism.


The situations where Trotskyists oppose jail for rape is where it is used to do a working class; anti-racist; and anti-Imperialist leader who are not being done for Sexism but because they undermining the Imperialist ruling classes in these issues .  Instead Trotskyists call for women as a social movement or the working class movement within the Unions and Labour Party to punish them.  This is an extension of class independence on not allowing Capital interfering within the unions or stop Imperialism putting on trial Stalinist or semi-Colonial Bourgeois leaders.  By taking this position Trotskyists are not soft on rape.  We point out how it degrades and humiliates women and how it stops unity against the ruling class.  In these situations we fight it with our working class methods and not being used by the ruling class.


You never win the working and middle class women over to the necessity of making a Socialist revolution unless they are convinced that the Imperialist ruling classes are their worse enemies to their liberation as women.  From what I know I do not believe Assange raped those women.  By defending Assange Feminists can undermine the creditability of Imperialist ruling classes which will undermine Sexism, and at the same time not play into the hands of the Sexists within the workers movement.


The effects of American; British; Australian; and Swedish ruling classes going after Assange is to link up the anti-Capitalist movement around Occupy movement; and anti-war struggles together.  After Hague’s stupidity with threatening to raid the Ecuadorian embassy he has deepened the anti-Imperialist radicalization within Latin America.