Pat Brain (my Father) who died on January 25th of this year had a lot of abilities. He was born on November 3rd 1935 during the middle of the depression. Like today there was a major crisis of capitalism with the rise of fascism and World War 2 which broke out on September 3rd 1939. One of the things which he was trying to understand scientifically explain why crisis and such barbarism humanity had to go through. The turning point was when he met the Trotskyists in Canada during February 1957 which gave him a scientific understanding of these processes. When he became a Trotskyist he read Jack London’s novel the Iron Heel which anticipated fascism if the fight for Socialism was not successful.

Pat said history can be more drawn out. An example he gave he was thinking the depression in 2008 after the financial crisis of Autumn of 2008 he was expecting all his life. A new generation are radicalizing against capitalism’s barbarism. As Trotsky said in Whither France if capitalism continues to rule things will go from bad to worse. The only thing stopping the outbreak of World War 3 is nuclear suicide. It will not prevent if forever. There was talk on a Panorama programme of Trump using nuclear weapons. It is important the working class defeat Lepen because a fascist regime could lead to nuclear suicide. These threats will cause tremendous revolutionary upheavals. Even if the fascists rule for a while (which Trotskyists do everything to prevent) there attempts to impose austerity by destroying the labour movement will cause a backlash. If Trump or the French fascists threaten nuclear suicide the masses will deal with them severely.

By Pat being a dialectician he said Trotskyism would re-emerge as the polar-opposite to fascism. He said when the BNP on their first two seats at the 2009 European elections. Within a fortnight of Pat’s analysis there was a book a BBC Radio 4 reading a book on Trotsky’s life which included how American Trotskyist Joseph Hansen helped him. I found out that one of the reasons Hansen was chosen was his ability to drive cars. One of the things Pat said he learnt from me is that all the historic information are contained in books. He learnt this by me getting out of a library multi-volume biography edited by Martin Gilbert. Gilbert had access to Churchill’s private papers. Me and Pat were looking everywhere for signs of the re-emergence of the pre-Barnes American SWP politics. On this we worked as a team.

In Pat’s opinion the pre-Barnes American SWP was the most capable leadership outside of Lenin and Trotsky’s Bolshevik Party. He went to two SWP Conventions:- 1957 and 1961. One of the first things Pat had to know what the character of the Hungarian uprising in 1956 was. On the way to the 1957 Convention the SWP majority who saw the workers councils challenging the bureaucracy was the beginning of a political revolution was arguing in a motor vehicle with a Marcyite minority was for the Soviet Union’s invasion to crush it. There were two other disputes at this Convention. There was a current around Albert Phillips who argued the workers’ states were “State Capitalist”. SWP national secretary Farrell Dobbs polemicized against those two currents. Then there was the dispute between George Breitman defending Black Nationalism and Dick Fraser who argued the Afro Americans were not an oppressed nationality. These discussions enriched Pat’s education. The good thing is that all these documents of this period are available on the Marxist Internet Archive.

Pat like Pablo and American Trotskyist Jim Cannon saw the preparations for World War 3 would be directed at the workers’ states and the Colonial revolution against Imperialism. This he maintained despite the capitalist inroads after 1989. Imperialism perused attempted capitalist restoration through other means. During the 2000s I remember Pat saying said Clinton hesitated bombing Serbia during 1999 due to fears the Russian bureaucracy would kick Yeltsin out as President. The victory of Putin’s wing of the bureaucracy despite their limitations is stopping Imperialism going any further in intervening in other workers’ states and semi-colonies. Lenin and Trotsky argued if the Imperialism loses a lot of the resources they own in the Colonies they would not be able to rule their Imperialist strangleholds in the same manner. They have to make the working and middle class to pay this price for losing their super-profits within the semi-colonies. Pat could not believe how the ex-Trotskyists degenerated by supporting either the NATO intervention in Libya or Imperialism’s agents in the rebels. There were signs of this in how they supported NATO intervention or were neutral when NATO bombed the workers’ states in Serbia and Montenegro.

The victory of the Chinese and Cuban Socialist revolutions led to a mass radicalization of middle class youth within Japan; America; and Western Europe. The struggle for independence within Africa led to the Afro American Civil Rights movement emerging within America during the mid-1950s. Pat agreed with the SWP around Brietman in orienting to the radicalizing Black Nationalist force around Malcolm X who was moving towards Socialism. Brietman argued Malcolm X’s evolution showed the applicability of Trotsky’s theory of Permanent Revolution applicable to America. Trotsky developed the theory of Permanent Revolution that the traditional tasks of capitalist revolutions in weakening oppression could only succeed by combining it with socialist tasks which would overthrow capitalism. It was the Canadian Trotskyists during the 1960s that developed the theory of combined revolution by understanding how to orientate towards manifestations of what became known as 2nd wave Feminism. Pat played an important role in these discussions.