I do not know whether Harry Styles is being sarcastic about arguing with ex-bandplayer Luan in One Direction about Trotsky for 14 hours over whether he should be assassinated. There are rumnors on Twitter that Styles is moving towards Trotskyism. On his first solo song entitled “sign of the times” he had 70 million people downloaded it on Facebook. Styles has a mass following among the youth. This could get a whole layer of working and middle class youth interested in Trotsky.

Leninism-Trotskyism is re-emerging because as Lenin argued in the Encloypedia Brittanica during 1913 that Capitalist private property is obsolete. Lenin argued the genius of Marx and Engel’s Scientific Socialism that is was ownership of property and not moral sentiments which lays the basis for Socialist revolutions. Capitalist property relations are absolute because they act as a fetter to economic growth. Capitalism can only have new booms as Marx and Engels argued in the Communist Manifesto by destroying productive forces through wars. As I argued in a previous document world Capitalism is only surviving by trading with China. Since 1950 China is a workers’ state because capitalism was overthrown by a Stalinist-led Socialist revolution. Chinese Stalinism was forced to make a Socialist revolution because capitalism would not compromise with them. After Japanese Imperialism left China in 1945 Chinese capitalism was in such decay it could not fund the army to defeat the Stalinist-led People’s Liberation Army (PLA). American diplomat and ex-General George Marshall wanted to make a deal with Mao so they could be crushed later once the Kumontang army was re-built. American Imperialism was playing for time. China shows the superiority of central planning over Capitalist anarchy.

Right wing populists and fascist elements are threatening mass murder and destroying human life. This is frightening the main Imperialist Bourgeoisies within America and Western Europe who do not want be destroyed at this stages who do not want to be destroyed through nuclear suicide or overthrown through the trimiph of world Socialist revolution. American Imperialism could be on the brink of losing the Middle East if a major regional war flares up between Qatar and the allies of Saudi Arabia. As I said in previous documents out of the rapid degeneration of Capitalism all the worse aspects of racism; sexism; xenophobia and Islamoophobia is coming to the surface. If there are not successful Socialist revolutions within the Imperialist countries in the next period genocide could begin.

There are indicative signs that Leninism-Trotskyism IS re-emerging. Tariq Ali has written a book on Lenin. I have started to read it. This could be the best book he ever wrote. Nitasha Kaul has written a novel warning elements of the Hindu Fundamentalist Indian Ruling Class they could be overthrown by another Trotsky type figure. I was reading 3 days ago by a right wing social democrat that due to the fear of nuclear suicide the Trump administration are risking a lot of American students and intellectuals are becoming Socialist. This author said Trotskyism is growing among these layers. Another interesting things he said Trotskyism attracts the most intelligent. This statement shows future possibilities for Trotskyism. Those most intelligent are attracted to Trotskyism because it understands social contradictions and how to overthrow class society.