The major methodological mistake of Susan Rothenal in the bi-monthly magazine of the British Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in its July-August 2015 issue is that she revises Marxism when she denies the unified integrated whole of all the sciences when she argues Psychologists and Marxism are incompatible. This ultra-left view of Rsenthal is contradicted in the same article when she argues many psychologists support the struggles of workers and oppressed.

It is only through the emergence of humanity as an animal specsis is that nature is there any hope of aspects of nature being brought under control. Philosophy as a subject came out the birth of class societies. The big dispute is between Idealists and Materialists. Materialists which its highest expression is Marxism recognise that the universe including Earth is the source of all life. A lot of Scientists argue plants do not have brain organs. They argue animals developed brains in order to make decisions whether to hunt or hide. It is the brain cells which run the bodies of all animals. Humanity is qualitatively different in that through our collective ability to labour can change nature. Marxists argue that it is not God or what the brain thinks it is. We argue it is what the natural realities in the universe; earth; and human societies that has to be scientifically understood. This is why we fundamentally disagree with the Existentialist Idealist Philosophy that you can transcend social reality by imagining it does not exist. Anarchist ideas are similar with them arguing you can ignore the capitalist state in actual class battles.

Lenin argued in Empiricism and Emprcio criticism that the human brain was the most important evolutionary development. American Scientist Carl Sagan said we do not know until we explore the universe whether there is a superior specsis to humanity. Scientists do not know whether the Universe developed accidentally evolved or evolved out of something else. Trotsky’s law of Uneven and Combined Development applies because matter and anti-mater are not equal in quantity within the Universe. If matter and ant-matter were equally distributed the universe would be destroyed due to them colliding with each other.

The rest of this document is going to argue how humans respond to threats of major natural disasters. It will look at the role of individual and mass emotions. Mass emotions are developing explosively internationally and in Britain due to the worse crisis of Capitalism. When individual humans are mentally ill you have to work out what’s causing it. Rosenthal is totally reductionist and workerist in her approach because she tends to argue it is only worker who are mentally ill. There are middle class and even ruling class class elements can be mentally ill at tines.

Humans like other animals are easily panicked when there are sudden natural catastrophes. They sometimes run in what they call the fight or run mechanism. A lot of humans can die in sudden disasters by running towards each other. This leads sometimes to stampedes. There are some people for their mental equalibrum could not contemplate things like asteroids destroying a lot of human life. There could be three reactions. They could ignore the threat hoping it goes away.

psychologists argue the defence mechanism prevents people from being very upset making them ill. This is rationalised they can not do anything about to change the situation for improvement. It is the capitalists and Stalinist bureaucrats within the workers’ states who would play major roles in fighting such castraphoies such as asteroids and nuclear meltdowns in nuclear plants. They would have to play a leading role because a lot of them would be potentially effected by a lot of them facing death as individual humans. When Chernoval nuclear pant exploded during 1986 the plant Management lied to Gorbachev about the potential fallout. According to the BBC2 history documentary programme Timewatch if the fire was not put out properly half of Europe could have been obliterated. Unless they can stop natural disasters the capitalists or Stalinist bureaucratic castes will keep it to themselves because they do not want to cause mass panic.

The main mystique the British ruling class try to instill into the masses is that they are powerless to change anything. At the same time millions of workers alongside the middle class are having to fightback in order to survive. This process of radicalisation is the mass base for the Corybn phenomena within the Labour Party. A layer of the British ruling class may want Corbyn to be Prime Minister soon, so that the May government is not brought down by millions of workers through revolutionary methods.

Additional factors which could strengthen this wing of the ruling class in engineering Corbyn to be Prioe Minister are that the mass radicalisation deepening in France. Melchanon’s party has 17 MPs. He boycotted Macron’s joint session of congress at Versailles. Instead he spoke at the working class districts of eastern Paris calling for defeating the anti-union labour laws in and out of Parliament. Due to the weakening of Islamic Fundamentalism in Pakistan Trotskyists have enormous potential to make huge gains. In Pakistani Kashmir alone there are thousands claiming alliance to Trotskyism. The mass demonstrations against Marshall Khan’s lynching by Fundamentalists could deepen the opportunities.

In Britain individals in every class are effected by a degenerating society. If capitalism is not overthrown in its Imperialist heartlands fascist genocide and nuclear war will not stopped forever. The British ruling class are depressed because they could be overthrown or worried about the extreme right leading to nuclear suicide if the tide of xenophobia and racism coming to the surface due to deep degeneration within capitalism. Marx argued in Civil war in France that the capitalist class has a lifestyle similar to lumoen proletarians in both being decadent. One key factor in the radicalisation of millions of workers and sizeable middle class is that they will not put up with being pauperised further into destitution. Trotsky argued in the late 1910s or early 1920s that Tsarism and capitalism would not have been overthrown in Russia without masses wanting major changes for the better.

Psychoanalysis has helped me to feel better and forget things that upset me. In my latest crisis from mid-October 2016 to early Christmas I could haver lost good friends on facebook. This did not happen because they knew I was going through a major traumatic crisis. Wrongly I thought years ago certain women were trying to seduce me. Now I know this was not true has eased the stress. I would have never had a girlfriend with my friends on Facebook or University students because of major political differences. When I was at the university of Wolverhampton I made friends in 2005; 2006; and 2010. I hope to find a top Trotskyist woman cadre who be my girlfriend and long-time companion.