Pat Brain (My Father) who died on January 25th 2017 met and was educated by some of the most outstanding Trotskyist cadres of the pre-Barnes American SWP. Today when I was preparing to write today’s document on the cold war escalating with Russia I was thinking what Pat told me over the decades. A few years before he died I would recall his profound Trotskyist statements. He drew a paraell with how outstanding Canadian Trotskyist Ross Dowson who spent years training him in Trotskyism. Since Pat’s death the penny has dropped that his ideas may have revealed what the American SWP in alliance with Canadian and British co-thinkers were really thinking.

Pat taught me to read at 3. One feature of my Aspergers’ Syndrome was that I started reading adult books between 6 and 8 years of age. I read Tony Thomas’s book on Angola; the Oxford history of Britain; rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich; and Ernest Nandel’s Marxist economic Theory. It was reading the Oxford history of Britain that I first learnt who Karl Marx was. Before I had not ever came into contact with Marx. It was at Handsorh Wood Boys School in the library when I was 11 I fist found out that Plekhanov was a founder of Russian Marxism. Mr Hanney the head teacher saw me and Pat campaigning for the Anti-Apartheid Movement on the Soho Road during the Autumn of 1988. When I felt physically sick one morning around the same period of the autumn of 1988 he gave me two adult books on the difference between neurosis and psychoses. This school closed in 1995. It should not be demolished because of its potential historical significance as producing one of the top intellectuals in this country. If I hit it big these teachers could be famous.

Due to being active in Socialist politics for 30 years with my Dad and Mum we have known many famous and significant historically people. Tanya Mann when she was a student at Wolverhampton University who wrote her memoirs of her orphanage experiences, offered, in 2009 for me to find a publisher for my memoirs. The title of thus book could be a top Trotskyist with Aspergers Syndrome. Pat like me could read changing political moods and had many similar analysis. Where we disagreed either I or Pat changed our minds and eventually converged. Me and Pat were trained in the same method of politics. My Asperger’s Syndrome effected me 3 ways. Reading body language when people were not interested or hostile to what I was talking about, I did not grasp. I sometimes got the wrong end of the stick in reading or what was said verbally. On both grounds I have considerably improved. One of my strengths is that I can analyse very complex situations.

The final aspect of my Asperger’s Syndrome is that I have trouble touching woman. This is a factor among many why I have not had a girlfriend. Two other factors of why I have not had a girlfriend upto now are that Trotskyism has been abandoned by 90% of the movement. It is not been possible to have a relationship with a working or middle class woman upto now because they have not been interested in my sort of politics. This can change with the mass radicalization and potential of thousands moving towards Trotskyism. Pat argued you had to have a dialectical view of relationships. I was close to some woman politically; intellectually; and emotionally to a woman I knew for 12 months. Pat told me there are certain middle class woman it is impossible to have a relationship with. He quoted Dowson that in certain situations people marry their same class. I had to break with her because she supported revisionist currents that Trotskyist ideas had no longer relevance and dumped Leninism. I have not seen her for 21 years. When I was suffering nervous breakdowns you have to be more dialectical that the only relationship that may last is a middle class woman Trotskyist. In Dowson’s opinion you should have a relationship with somebody who takes you further in your potential. Pat was very lucky to meet my Mum (Marian) during 1975. He would have not have survived the crisis of international Trotskyism after Barnes dumped Permanent Revolution.

One of my great successes was going to Handsworth College from 2000 to 2003 and University of Wolverhampton from 2004 to January 2011. Due to overcoming some of my Psychoses; bi-polar diuiorde; and Asperger’s Syndrome I did some good grades. If there are other opportunities at College; University; or writing plays I take them in helping in my rehabilitation from these disorders. I could not work now due to the stress of people trying to fire me. I can deal with my Psychoses at College or University because dealing with ideas keeps these relapse under control.

I was discussing with Pat before he died how Trump and the neo-Cons could play into our hands of building a mass movement that could begin to really threaten Capitalism. Pat told me for 25 years that the British ruling class fears the most are mass movements with their evolutionary potential. He told me when Piers Morgan was fired as editor of the Mirror was payback time for organising that 2 million march on February 15th 2003 against war on Iraq. Another thing I mentioned to him 4 weeks before his death how there are thousands of working and middle class woman organising for Momentum. He always saw the potential of Feminism in organising the labour and Socialist movement.

Pat argued that nuclear suicide was avoided by the Russian workers’ state being equally armed and the Imperialists did not want to die. This made the majority of the Imperialist bourgeoise see sense, which forced them to rein the hotheads in. There were many times I remember Pat saying to me if fascism threatened the Jewish middle class with genocide a layer could come towards Trotskyism. Despite some of their instability even a small layer could play a decisive role in forging a Trotskyist cadre which could lead the masses in overthrowing capitalism. Did he get this line from the pre-Barnes American SWP. Reading the internal documents of the American SWP suggest this!