The first document I am working on is the radicalization of middle and working class women!  I decided to work on this document due to a report on Channel 4 News last week how teenage girls/women are being sexually harassed.  This document has the following points:-

1)    The Liberal Bourgeoisie are concerned with the rise of Feminism particularly among middle class women.  They are worried that the increasing Sexism affecting teenage girls/women will deepen this radicalization.  This is why some Liberal Bourgeois elements on Channel 4 News called for curtailing what they called “excesses of commodification of teenage girls/women and humiliating them by boys/men coercing them for example to pose naked on photos/videos”.

2)    I will analyze at what stage the radicalization within Britain and the other Imperialist countries is at in terms of different layers the working class and middle class; and among oppressed non-white ethnicities; women; and gays/lesbians.

3)    The British Bourgeoisie maybe want to stop teenagers using their mobiles on the pretext of fighting Pornography so those working and middle class Youths do not utilize that technology to organize against Capitalism.  Trotskyists are not in favour of the Bourgeois state banning Pornography because they will not move against the Capitalists who profit from extreme Sexism but utilize those bans to move on the left and working class movement.

4)   Trotskyists start at where the working class and/or middle class teenage girls/women are at which are they are increasingly being humiliated and degraded by being forced to do certain sexual acts by considerable pressure from teenage boys/men.  Feminists should organize a mass movement of these vulnerable teenage girls/women to stop these oppressive acts by men/teenage boys.  Teenage women/girls should make clear by a strong Feminist movement given them the confidence to say this behaviour is unacceptable and if it persists call for individual men/boys to be prosecuted.  Prosecutions of men/teenage boys are one small scale tactic/s/ in the struggle against Sexism.  Sexism can only be ended by working and middle class women fighting Capitalists who profit from it and convincing the working class to champion women’s liberation as part of the struggle for a Socialist revolution.

5)    One of the contradictions is that there are some elements of the Imperialist Bourgeoisies being driven due to the worse Capitalist crisis could be considering more extreme measures than World War 2 and the massacres of the fascists during that war.  On the Kaiser Report in the last week or two Max Keiser quoted right wing Bourgeois publications of setting up ghettos outside of Amsterdam for poor people which will be overcrowded and have very bad sanitation conditions.  These Dutch right wingers are advocating the Police stop them escaping the ghetto/s.  This is being discussed at the early stages of this Capitalist crisis and is a warning of what is to come in terms of barbarism if Capitalism is not overthrown in time.  This is why Trotskyists should campaign against every Capitalist attack on the working and middle class; and social oppressions made worse by Capitalism’s crises:- Racism; Xenophobia; Sexism; and Homophobia.   If these right-wing oddballs move prematurely it could deepen the mass radicalization among large layers of the working and middle classes within the Imperialist countries which could seriously weaken Capitalism’s ability to rule.  In order to fight Capitalism effectively Trotskyists fight for the working class to win the oppressed over by having a programme of special demands which address their conditions and struggles.  At the same time we call for the socially oppressed among the working and middle class to join the working class leadership of the struggle for Socialist revolution.

6)    I have been re-reading chapter 2 of reading “Fascism and Big Business” for 4/5 days in preparation of this document by Daniel Guerin analysing the different stages of the middle classes in Italy and Germany from the late 19th century to the 1930s.  There are great similarities of what happened to the Italian and German middle classes from the outbreak of the First World War to what’s happening to the middle class with the Imperialist countries today. From the First World War to the 1920s/30s the Italian and German middle class had most of their savings used to fund the First World War; the currencies devalued; higher inflation; the working classes could buy less in middle class shops; education costs increased; and banks charging small businesses exorbitant loans.  Guerin shows how most of the Italian and German middle classes first look to the organized working class to overthrow Capitalism.  Due to Reformism dominating the organized working class and revolutionaries failure to break millions of workers away from Social Democracy and Stalinism (after 1924) led to the middle class beginning to hate the workers.  The Capitalists won most of the Italian and German middle class over by utilizing the fascists from a plebeian background to con the middle class that they could stop the middle class being Proletarianized.  Guerin points out that part of the middle class psychology is the more they are threatened with pauperization the more they cling to their class.  Despite this Guerin argues correctly if the working class had developed a serious revolutionary policy they could have convinced large middle class layers that a Socialist revolution would mean better lives for them.

7)    Reading Marx and Lenin on how sectional battles within the ruling class can lead to revolutions.  I am reading Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution for this theme and other reasons.  I am planning to write 3 separate reviews of Marx’s classic trilogy of “Class struggle in France”’’; The 18th Brumarie of Louis Napoleon “ and “Civil War in France”

8)    I am going to re-read introduction to 1972 book “Feminism and Socialism” published by the American SWP when they were Trotskyists to see what Transitional demands Trotskyists posed for oppressed working and middle class women during that period and update them for today’s struggles by seeing’s what applicable and what new demands are necessary for the struggle of women’s liberation today.

I am planning to write a book on the history of the workers’ states.  These will be some of the themes:-

1)    Why Socialist revolutions have occurred in a third of the world?

2)    Why the workers’ states are the highest forms of gains for the working class despite Stalinism ruling in every other workers’ state except Cuba and Nicaragua?

3)   Despite the crimes of Stalinism why the Soviet Union during the 1930s influenced the working class within the Imperialist countries?

4)    Detailing negative effects of Capitalist restoration in ex-East Germany and Kosovo in terms of productive forces going backwards decades and massive unemployment and social security cutbacks.

5)    A historical analysis of different stages of Bureaucratic pillage under Stalinism.

6)    How the failure to make Political Revolutions during 1989 in Eastern Europe and ex-Soviet Union during 1991 led to rise of extreme Stalinist pillages which allowed Capitalist inroads.

7)    Why Chinese socio-economic growth is the 2nd Soviet Union and shows what a workers’ state can achieve.

8)   How the defeat of Yeltsin wing of Russian Stalinist Bureaucracy salvaged Russia as a workers’ state.  Battle within Russian Bureaucracy over how much too pillage which determines which parts of the caste gets what resources and privileges and how much to pillage from  Russian working class without provoking a revolutionary upheaval which threatens to develop into embryonic stages of Political Revolution.  The salvaging of Russia as a workers’ state has turned tables against world Capitalism and is an example of historic dialectics of the Eastern European and ex-Soviet countries workers’ states going into major crisis first before hitting the Imperialist countries and now the Capitalist crisis is worse than the crisis in the workers’ states.  There is still a battle within the Russian Bureaucracy of how much to allow Capitalist inroads and how much to collaborate with Imperialism.  One of the reasons American Imperialism has not military attacked Syria is that Putin could be kicked out by a harder Stalinist.  The Russian Bureaucracy is using this threat as a bargainship with Imperialism.

9)    Analyze the balance of forces in some detail between Eastern European Stalinist Bureaucratic castes today and Capitalists who have made inroads and trying to overthrow what remains of the workers’ states in these countries; and how the working classes in these countries are fighting the Capitalists/Capitalist restorationists and what remains of the Stalinist Bureaucratic a caste.