1)   In defence of the Revolutionary Marxist principle of working class political independence from Bourgeois/Aristocratic forces.  The British SWP and Egyptian section of IST in supporting a Bourgeois and semi-Feudal Islamic Fundamentalists in 2nd round of Egyptian Presidential elections breaks this basic principle and strengthens reaction.  It is always the most suicidal policy to expect Islamic Fundamentalists to make major reforms to the workers and defend democratic rights of Revolutionary Socialist group (R.S. – Egyptian section of IST) against prosecution.


Defend analysis that Islamic Fundamentalism is a Conservative Bourgeois force against women; gays etc.  Ruling classes in semi-Colonies utilize them at times to steer upheavals in reactionary directions.


Trace how Marx; Engels; Bolsheviks and Lenin; Trotsky and Trotskyists developed principle of working class independence against Bourgeois or semi-Feudal elements.  R.S.’s statement on Egypt’s 2nd round Presidential election represents a further break from Permanent Revolution by them over-estimating the social reforms which Bourgeois elements could grant to the Egyptian workers.


2)   Analyse the early stages of world Capitalism’s worse economic crisis.  Despite inter-Imperialist conflicts, the Imperialist powers are uniting to overthrow autonomous Bourgeois regimes to Imperialism such as Syria and Iran.  Imperialism is after natural resources in these semi-Colonies; new markets; and re-division of world markets.


Importance of Russian and Chinese workers’ states in stopping Imperialism military attacking Syria.  Russian Bureaucracy cannot be relied on to consistently oppose Imperialism.  They only do it when they threaten them.  In the past few days Imperialism have been maximizing pressure on Russian Bureaucracy to not to stand in the way of Imperialism intervening against Syria under a UN cover.  It is a life and death question for Imperialism to gain new markets in Syria and Iran.  They cling onto any slight hope of pulling that off.  Imperialism is learning that they cannot repeat Libya because of shift in Russian Bureaucracy to stop Imperialism in its tracks before they attempt to overthrow them.


Spanish Imperialism does not trust German Imperialism to rescue their banks learning from what they have done to Greek Imperialism. It is estimated that Spanish banking debts in housing properties is 180 Billion Euros.  The Spanish state could break up.  This is why the Spanish government is providing money for their 17 regions.  EU break-up as workers’ states in Eastern Europe pull out and inter-Imperialist rivalries within Western Europe.  Nation states could break up in Belgium; Italy; and Britain.  It could lead to civil wars and wars and between countries in Western Europe.


3)   A critique of American SWP’s leadership (Barnesites) new revisionist line that middle class are Bourgeois!  Research Bourgeois Sociological theories who call Ruling Class middle class to see methodological errors of both them and the Barnesites!  Defend Marxist theory about how middle class vacillate between labour and capital.  Barnesites break from Trotsky’s analysis that large layers of the lower middle class look to working class to overthrow Capitalism before moving rightwards towards Capital.


Barnesites attack where the Occupy movement is strongest in seeing that Capital is only interested in enriching 1%.  This key idea represents how large layers of the middle class are breaking from Capital and due to the objective weakening of world Capitalism could link up with workers to overthrow American Capitalism if Trotskyists fill the vacuum of leadership.  Trace how Marxist theory of middle class developed from Marx to the present day!