Is this an official magazine of the Communist Party of Britain!? For the first time since 1968 there could be left tendencies moving towards Revolutionary Marxism which includes key Trotskyist ideas. There could be mass revolutionary organisations consisting of thousands around the world. Things for the first time since 1991 are going in the direction of Trotskyism.

There could be sizeable tendencies in the British Labour Party could move towards revolutionary politics. There could be tendencies coming back to Trotskyism among the ex-Trotskyist groups. The revolutionary left is getting more sophisticated into how to build a principled left in the Labour Party and even playing a leading role in the delivery strike in London. There could be sizeable tendencies breaking from Stalinism in the Communist Parties.

If a mass revolutionary party can be built around programmatic convergence which leads to break from methods which were wrong is top priority. It would be totally sectarian to ask people to recant. The only proviso is that you agree with the Revolutionary Marxist programme for the 3 sectors of the world revolution and strategy for Socialist revolution within Britain. It is important to change tactics when great opportunities open for Revolutionary Marxism.

In the past I wrote sharp polemics against those who breaking principles and programme of the movement. Now the task is allow people retreat and build the maximum support for applying these principles and programme in concrete strategies and tactics. This development alone explains why the British ruling class are so frightened of Trotskyism being the most effective in history!