What the Israeli air force did in bombing a military complex in Damascus last night and the hardest reaction against that Israeli action by the Russian leadership since NATO bombed Serbia during 1999 shows the danger if a war breaks out between Israel and Western states and their allies with Syria and Iran could drag in Russia which could lead to World War 3.  This is a very dangerous moment.


The British Stop the War Coalition alongside the international anti-war movement needs to build emergency protests with the biggest possible turnout so the masses within the Western States can stop their disastrous road, which if not stopped by mass action will eventually culminate in World War 3.  If this suicide in humanity there needs to be an understanding of what motivates the Western wars.  World War 3 can break out even if the West do not intend to  if Russia is too soft the West see if they can get away with further aggressions which forces such a strong Russian reaction that the West blunders into a World War.


The adventurism of the West is coming out of one of the worse Capitalist crisis. They need to expand to gain new markets due to falling profits.  China is threatening the West’s super-profits in Africa; South East Asia and Pacific; and Latin America with their massive infrastructure projects in hospitals; schools; dams; and railways.  The Western Capitalists massive wealth is based on that super-exploitation whose Chinese projects are undermining which has a dynamic against Capitalism independent of the intentions of the Chinese leadership.  This is the main reasons why British and French military are intervening so desperately in Mali to maintain their colonial possessions and weaken China’s influence!


On top of the China undermining the West, American Imperialism  has lost the Afghan and Iraq war.  Bush was so crude that you had a massive international anti-war movement especially against the Iraq War as the world masses feared his actions could spark a World War!  Since World War 2 the Soviet Union stopped the West attacking a number of third world countries and those societies with a similar economic system to the Soviet Union.  The break-up of the Soviet Union during 1991 enabled America to get away with attacking a number of countries.  Capitalist elements attempted to destroy what remained of old Soviet economic system within Russia.


Due to the West’s attempted transition to Capitalism failing the old, Russian Bureaucracy based on nationalized industries /sectors of that economy resisted attempted large-scale privatizations.  This wing of the Russian Bureaucracy opposing the restoration of Capitalism reacted at times at American Imperialisms’ aggressions because if they allowed American Imperialism to get away with it they would step up the offensive to work with those Capitalists to overthrow what remained of the old Bureaucracy.  The defeat of Yeltsin’s wing of the Bureaucracy in 1999/2000 slowed down until 9/11 any major war launched by American Imperialism.  Russia’s Bureaucracy is heterogeneous with competing sectional cliques fighting for power and preserve or extend their privileges.  There are certain Capitalists been expropriated within Russia.  Other Capitalists survive under the sufferance of Bureaucrats.  If the Cold War breaks out on a massive scale these Capitalists being expropriated could be the price of West’s aggressions.


A large layer of Bureaucrats in Russia have the same foreign policy as the Soviet Bureaucrats.  At times they help the West if they can get certain bargaining concessions.  During other times when American Imperialism’s world hegemony threatens them with overthrow resists them and under certain circumstances is prepared to fight.  If Russia continues to come out on any further Israeli attack on Syria it could help build one of the biggest anti-war movements in human history particularly if the world masses fear a World War!


There is a large layer of the American and British masses who do not want any further wars due to being war weary with the heavy war deaths and casualties of the Afghan and Iraq War. The West is attempting to re-colonize Libya and Syria. Proxy forces which the west is working with in Libya and Syria are carrying out massacres against other religions; women; tribes; and nationalities to teach them a lesson not to oppose the West which they have done for decades.


Another major dimension is tens/hundreds of Western workers and sizeable middle class elements are being pauperized with Capital trying to make us to pay for their crisis.  There was mass opposition against Cameron’s war in Libya. He could not send in ground troops because with the war weariness it would have caused a massive upheaval.  Due to the war wariness there was a large number of MPs nervous sending in British ground troops in Mali and other West African counties when Parliament debated it in Parliament last Tuesday.  The movement to stop nuclear suicide combined with struggle against austerity in Britain could spark one of the biggest movements for social change in history!